studioteel presents the vault show


What is the Vault?

  • The show is an entertainment feature that focuses on interviewing famous Kenyan personalities and International stars who grace the Kenyan cultural events.
  • The show is activity oriented, in that, we take a celebrity out on a fun and engaging/ energetic activity and then while the momentum is still high we get to ask them interview questions.

The Pilot Series

This is the pilot episodes that we did, to kind of figure out what we want to achieve and how everything works.

Gokart Racing with NaiBoi || EP 1

In this episode The Vault hangs out with hit-maker, and singer NaiBoi. He talks about how he switched careers from producing to singing. Get to know more about your favorite artiste.

Indoor Rock Climbing with George Kimani || EP 2

He’s the guy that makes your girlfriend laugh for days! No, seriously he is. George Kimani is part of the trio under the Vines of Africa brand with the other two being Seth Gor and Sharon Mwangi.

Fact Or Crap W/ Likarion Wainaina; Film Director, SupaModo at BaoBox || EP 3

The Vault Show picks the mind of one of the best Film Directors we have in Kenya, the director of the Award-winning, Oscar's Academy Awards Selection film Supa Modo; Likarion Wainaina.

Susan Lucky Wong Saving the President at TRM || EP 4

The Vault Show locks up Majessty and Susan Lucky Wong in a room full of clues at Hepa Escape Rooms, and we expect them to find all the clues and come out in time.

Ziplining with Phy at The Forest Kereita || EP 5

The Vault is accompanied by sensational musician, performer and songwriter Phy Mwihaki. On the way to the forest kereita for archery and ziplining we do a carpool karaoke and engage in a candid conversation on music, life's purpose, and destiny!

Why a YouTube Show?

  • Digital content is becoming increasingly important in advertising of brands.
  • According to Gfk’s ViewScape report, Kenyan adults spend around 6 hours a day watching video content.
  • The quickest way to consume information is via short-form video content
  • Entertainment remains the most searched topic by Kenyans on Google Trends and YouTube analytics